Golagana Ramesh Yadav- President.


After completing his post graduation course M Sc, Golagana Ramesh Yadav had decided to do some social service. Ramesh Yadav opted for serving his fellow Yadav people in the society. Ramesh had tried to bring all of his fellow members to a single line and serve them. Especially Ramesh chose Yadav Youth in the society.

Ramesh had provided educational facilities to several Yadava Youth. But Ramesh’s serving attitude had not satisfied with this deed. To satisfy his own serving attitude, Ramesh Yadav established one voluntary organization Yadava Yuvasena.

Ramesh is doing yeomen service to his fellow Yadava youth since then without any personal desires.


Bandapu Ravishankar Yadav.


Ravishankar had achieved new heights by completing M Sc, MBA and LLB. But his passion was elsewhere. Ravishankar thought that he can satisfy his interests only by helping others.

Ravishankar decided to extend his practice to Yadava members at free of cost.

Ravishankar also decided to spend some of his earnings towards the welfare of Yadava community.

Ravishankar joined Yadava Yuvasena as legal advisor and contributing his knowledge.


 G. Naresh Yadav.

Naresh Yadav did not stop his services after completing a diploma course in engineering. Naresh Yadav extended his services to the students by conducting coaching centers; Naresh helped so many students who are going to participate in talent tests across the state.

Naresh Yadav joined hands with Yadav Yuvsena to bring social reforms in the community.






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